Move forward and survive.

How to play:
Just drag and drop your hero card onto one of the three card cards in front of him.
Your hero can only move on the cards with which he is in contact.
The game is lost if your hero's health is reduced to 0.

There are different types of cards:

  • Monster: inflicts damage on you. A monster will attack you if you are in front of him at the end of the turn.
  • Shield: gives you a shield. Be careful, shield cards replace your current shield if you have one.
  • Potion: heals you.
  • Coin: you get the gold back at the end of the game.
  • Item: items have passive effects when they are added to your inventory. They cannot be removed from it. Be careful, not all the effects are positive!
  • Chest: Allows you to choose special rewards.

Notes : The game is available in English and French.

Awesome pixel art by DGHZ :
Bubble emote by Kicked-in-Teeth
Sounds from


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This game is brilliant. Simple but engaging gameplay and beautiful pixel art


Oh boy this is so much fun!


What a fun little game. Good work :)


This is awesome. It would be good game for mobile devices. Please, keep making games!


Nice game. I want it on my android phone)


Excellent concept ! I love it. I wish this game had more depth like a story and more stage, I'd buy that.


this was a great game, thanks for making it


Very enjoyable, I find that it takes the best elements of the roguelike genre and translates them into an easy format that is great for killing time with a bit of thought.

The pixel art on the monsters is great, however gameplay-wise I think they stop being a major threat once a player gets used to finding the optimal path, unless they are stacked one after another which can be a russian roulette given the player's  status at the moment. I understand that this is a major part of the roguelike experience but as laikaproj suggested, a big improvement can be made if for example, attacking monsters yields extra gold or loot drops. Otherwise, it becomes pretty straightforward to choose the path of least resistance and stacking monsters feels gimmicky.

I really like the variety in the items you can find but found that the engine tended to repeat a lot of the same items on a single run. Also a mobile version, especially offline would be a mainstay on my phone!

Solid 4/5, opened up the whole genre for me!

(1 edit) (+3)

The artwork is beautiful, mechanics are elegant, and filesize is excellent. I second the mobile suggestion!


This would be a incredible mobile game! Artwork is beautiful and mechanics are simple enough for mobile.

One comment on game design: would like to see some reason to actively attack monsters. The choice between attacking something a monster or taking gold or health seems trivial since they don't really do anything but lower your HP.

I beat the unlocked all characters and would like to have some more charecters

Nice game in fact. Btw what engine you use for your games?


perhaps a custom run option after you unlock all 4 characters, where you can pick the stuff you start with?


Fell in love with the game. The beauty here lies in the simplicity. It also has great game feel.

nice game

Beautiful game! It would be great to have it also mobile (now it has problems on screen size and with touch interface



This is an awesome game.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

What development tools did you use to build this?  And is it all done in HTML5?


This is a bad clone of Card Crawl.


Jeu très sympathique ! Merci à Nicaulas de Factornews pour la découverte.

(1 edit)

It would be very nice to directly play it in chrome on android :) is it much to do?

Ah I see. It works on Mozilla Firefox though (without the status field)! Nice work again :)

it has potential. you win easily when you get used to it tho,


I wasn't expecting much as I didn't see how this format might work but this rogue like - card game mashup is absolutely aces! <3



This is a really great game. The art style, items, art, everything. However, I urge you to change the gold mechanic. I urge you to add a SHOPS  (and perhaps make the game slightly harder accordingly), and have the characters unlock in some different way. That would make the game MUCH MUCH better and will actually give gold stakes, not to mention having the lizard character actually be meaningful.


Excellent game.  There are so many possibilities here.  I look forward to future content

Now on


This really is a great game, good work and thank's for sharing that with us :D


Oh my god, I LOVE IT! It is so much fun. Is there any android build?


Soon :)


This is brilliant. Creative and simple to pick up. Well done


Thumbs up. Charming, intuitive and so nice to play with mobile phone. Release on google play then I will absolutely pay!


Finished with all heroes. Lizard man is the lamest - he brings gold but useless since there's nothig to spend it for. I't be better if he would have some fighting upgrade instead. 

Othere than that - fun and well balanced game.


love it 


Fun and easy to pick up


Vraiment brillant comme idée et je suis heureux de voir que vous allez le développer comme jeu mobile (le concept est parfait pour iOS). Bonne chance pour ça.

Aucun moyen de faire de donations? Je supporterais un tout petit peu :). J'achèterai la version mobile sans faute!

Merci pour votre message :)
Je ne demande pas de donation, je trouve que le jeu n'est pas assez complet pour cela. Si déjà vous achetez la version mobile à sa sortie, ce sera beaucoup :) Encore merci !


Super jeu. Hyper propre et très joliment réalisé. Une excellente idée efficace. Bravo !


I came close...

An excellent game! It's really interesting figuring out which monsters should be fought for their loot, and which ones should be bypassed.

I love the powerups you can get. The Carrot is particularly elegant - it's a constant trickle of HP even if you don't seek to activate it much, using it efficiently prevents you from looting monsters (since you need to move forward for that), and it lets you toggle the Invisibility Cloak on and off.

The different characters really play differently, and show off how the items can work.

I'd really like to see where else this game can go!

This Wow

Wow, I won!


Très addictif. Quelques soucis de balance (le dernier perso est arrgggg) Mais j'ai persévéré jusqu'à remporter la victoire avec tous les membres. Signe que le jeu est vraiment accrocheur :)


Très très bon jeu, mais j'ai un petit souci : il ne veut pas se charger sous Chrome, je suis obligé de lancer un autre navigateur pour y jouer. J'ai essayé en coupant les extensions installées, mais ça ne change rien.

Hello. Merci pour ton retour.
Ca devrait fonctionner sur Chrome en principe. Je n'ai pas ce problème de mon côté, je serais bien curieux de comprendre.
Tu as essayé en mode de navigation privé ? Tu as un message d'erreur ?

(1 edit)

Aucun message d'erreur, juste le jeu qui ne charge pas (la barre ne se remplit pas de jaune au milieu). La navigation privée me donne le même résultat :/

Arf ok. Merci beaucoup pour le test :) Je vais investiguer.

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