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If you want  to unlock all the cards (if we exclude the value from quests), you have to get 13,025 coins so when you buy them at the beginning of the game be careful cause you will be stuck with that choice for a long time


I have been stuck on the "transform into play" goal (which I don't understand) for a very long time and I am not even mad because the game is fun.

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Yep. My english is pretty bad :/ Sorry for that.
It should be "transform a card in play" I think. Or "transform a card on board" .

Glad you liked the game :)


this is so awesome, if only I could play it on android though

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Well crafted game,  no bugs! Congrats

Thanks ! :)


Awesome game! I can play it all the day!

Do you have a plan to develop an Android Mind Cards?

Thanks :)

I tried but posting app on play store is a mess. Not a good experience for me :/


Super jeu mais disponible que sur iOS...

Wow, cool concept! So as the player, I basically need to plan out what order I choose the cards in so that my net health always remains above zero, is that right?

Looks like you're well on the way with progress and you've already released it to the app store. Congrats!